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Lap Seal Pouch

These all-paper, high quality, gusseted sterilization packaging bags are available in three sizes and are manufactured to meet stringent requirements.

The exterior of each bag carries a pre-printed process indicator to allow easy identification of packs that have been subjected to the steam sterilization process. Superior quality medical grade paper and seals maintain the bags integrity even in the case of wet steam.

The vertical seam is double bonded for security and there are designated areas to log the date, the operators` initials, and the contents.

The bags are designed to be closed by folding over the top edge a number of times and then sealing this with autoclave tape. Their [fold and tape" design is ideal for easy and quick use. It also allows the prevention of the problems associated with imperfect heat sealing that may be due to faulty equipment or user error.


  • All paper bags are the most economical packaging material for sterilization
  • Surfaces have extra-smooth, machine-glazed paper finish to eliminate lint
  • All-paper bag will not become dry or brittle; allowing each item to be stored for maximum recommended period of time
  • Each bag has a printed chemical indicator that turns brown after a successful steam sterilization process

All sizes possess a gusset that allows bulky objects to be placed inside the bags. Each bag may be processed only once.

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